To launch Gerber's new The Hello Trouble campaign they wanted to create to broadcast spots. One for The Instant the other for The Myth. 

Gerber wanted to take to the road to spread their message and show off their tools. 

Gerber wanted to make a splash at some of the largest outdoor trade shows. 

Bear Grylls had his own signature line of survival gear through Gerber. We wanted to give some backstory to exactly who Bear was while showcasing his line.


Bear Grylls new television show on NBC was about to launch so we used Gerber and Bear's social channels to help promote his new survival line. 

We partnered with NBC and Hulu on to help push Bear's new survival line on the launch of his new show. 


Gerber is a heritage brand with deep roots in the U.S. military. We traveled and met with members of the U.S. Seals, Rangers, Marines, and the Las Vegas SWAT to hear some stories and share some tools.

Gerber wanted to showcase their tools in a quick informational format for people to preview them online. With hundreds of tools to cover we needed a format that was simple and repeatable while still giving a voice to the tools.