In 2017 MLB The Show wanted to make a stronger push to gamers vs just Baseball fans. The line was intentionally absurd. We wanted to show gamers there was something in there for literally everyone.  The game became the biggest seller in the history of the franchise.

We wanted to launch the campaign with a crazy spot that helped introduce the line and all the new modes and features in this years game. 

Social was always a big consideration for MLB The Show, and we had continued to grow our channels over the last 3 years. Our channels were always pretty fun, but geared more towards hardcore baseball fans. This year we became a bit more irreverent and went after gaming culture. 

We wanted to do something with our athletes that broke the normal convention of sitting down and giving them a game demo. So this year we launched The Show, Show. Partnering with Rooster Teeth member Tyler Coe we created a late night variety show around The Show. 

The broadcast launch spot launched a broadcast spot that once again proved that every one loved The Show.