This was a manifesto for a Skullcandy presentation. They loved the manifesto positioning and wanted to create a spot out of it. The spot was meant to feel like an exquisite corpse of footage from people all over. We shot it super run and gun, and supplemented some of the heavy action stuff with their sponsored athlete footage. 


Skullcandy a complimentary spot that just spoke to music. Once again this was shot super down and dirty with some additional footage of Skullcandy sponsored musicians.

Director - Editor

DIRECTOR: Adam Long, EDIT/ GRAPHICS: Adam Long DP: Patrick LeValley, Moira Morel PRODUCER: Colin Brown, Davis Priestly Copy Writer: Jason Maurer

Skullcandy came out with a ultra premium line of headphones for their sponsored DJ Mix Master Mike. The idea was to keep it real simple. Let’s show Mix Master Mike do what he does best, and behind him his journey through the years. 

Director - Editor

DIRECTOR: Adam Long, EDIT/ GRAPHICS: Adam Long DP: Mathew LloydPRODUCER: Colin Brown,