Yeti Coolers was a popular product amongst anglers and hunters. They wanted to expand their reach outside of these categories as well as break from their home territory of the South West. We were asked to cover the North West (Oregon, Washington, and Alaska). We decided we wanted to focus on specific locations. The Deschutes River in Oregon, The Olympic National Forest in Washington and Kodiak Island Alaska. We shot over 9 stories focusing on people in these regions.

Rough Stock was all about these two professional world class bareback riders we found in Redmond Oregon Brian Bain and Steven Peebles. We spent two days with them on Brian’s family ranch and at the Sister’s Rodeo. These guys had a really unique approach to the sport and life itself. Steven went on that year to win The World Championship for bronc riding. 

Off Grid was about an absolutely amazing couple The Shorts we discovered on a small island off the main island of Kodiak Alaska. They had been living completely off the grid on a little piece of paradise they created for 20 years. They were so inspiring and had so many incredible stories. 

As we were filming our stories Yeti had commissioned other agencies and production companies to film other regions of the US and abroad mainly focusing on hunters and anglers. They wanted to create a little media outlet of these short stories. Using our films and assets as well as the other films they had made they tasked us with creating an Anthem film to get out the word. 

I would like to release more of these stories and photographs. So look for that coming soon.